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Stationery Suppliers

Stationery Suppliers are the bookers of the most important papers. They provide the bookers with cheap and good quality stationery material, as well as other office supplies for the decoration of the offices. The stationery Suppliers offer to supply their clients with stationary materials such as custom made envelopes, bookmarks, note pads, envelopes with printed images, paper clips, staplers, pen holders, calculators, and many more stationery items. They also provide their clients with free designing services, as they can make the advertisements in their own style and provide the clients with sample designs of the products they are selling. Moreover, stationery suppliers can be called upon to produce brochures or publications for their clients. They can also provide business cards and other office stationery to their clients.

Stationery Suppliers are engaged in the business of wholesaling and distribution of stationery items in bulk or in small quantities. This stationery business is a part of the retail sector, which includes shoes, clothing, books, stationery, gadgets, furniture, tools, automotive parts and accessories, and many other forms of retail goods. The stationery suppliers deal directly with the clients and give them the stationery items at reasonable prices. Their retail outlets include small shops, large warehouses and computer stores.

Stationery Suppliers are engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing and distributing quality stationery materials. They can be called upon to produce brochures, publications, cards, booklets and directory-cards, as well as the envelopes, cut papers, permanent form paper, card stocks, calculators, desktop calendars, invitation cards, notebooks, pocket diaries and planners, desktop wall maps, planners, postcards, brochures, scrapbooks, stamps, folders, reference books and more. Most of the stationery suppliers offer worldwide shipping facilities. They also offer services such as mail order, telephone order, fax orders, online order, high-volume commercial orders, custom catalogues, personalized stationery products, bulk and wholesale orders, home delivery services and stationery returns. This list may be continued for reference.